Dog Pooping

Defecation Navigation

Dogs prefer to poop when aligned along a north-south axis. Source Continue Reading →
Albert Einstein

Also, Mom Loves Me Best…

Eldest children tend to have higher IQs. Source Continue Reading →

This Argument is Circular

If there was a string stretched tightly all the way around the Earth and you added a yard to it, it would increase the distance of the string from the surface of the earth by about ... Continue Reading →
Charlie the Unicorn

A Real Life Unicorn

Hey Charlie…     In 1933, Dr. W. F. Dove created a real life unicorn by transplanting the tissue that would normally grow into a bull’s two horns in the center ... Continue Reading →
Quantum Santa

He Knows When You’ve Been Naughty

Quantum Santa delivers all presents simultaneously until he is observed. Continue Reading →

Lights Out

Thomas Edison, the creator of the modern light bulb, was afraid of the dark. It’s always darkest before the switch. Continue Reading →
ice cube

Mpemba Effect

Warm water freezes faster than cold water. Continue Reading →